Out of Kernel Driver support question

I have realized that clear linux does not include any out of kernel drivers. I posted an issue on github to include the RTL88xx driver, before I thought about this. I am wondering if it would be possible to include some out of kernel drivers in the form of bundles that have no legal issues with them. The driver in question is GPLv2 and fully open source with no binary blobs.

I will close the associated request if the answer is no.

It’s nice that they packaged the dkms.conf bits so you can use DKMS to install the driver once and it will keep it up-to-date against CL kernel updates: https://clearlinux.org/documentation/clear-linux/guides/maintenance/kernel-modules-dkms

Looking back at the chatter around this driver being merged upstream originally, I’m not sure if it makes sense to add it as an out-of-tree kernel module. Maybe @miguelinux can provide more insight.

In general our stance is “no out of tree drivers” because if they are out of tree for non-legal reasons, that is good reason to keep them out of our kernels. Think “no longer maintained” or “kernel does not want to accept them for technical reasons”. We do not have the time to review and (keep or make) secure these out of tree modules.