Offline bundle download

I am running clear linux now but the wifi device needs

the default install does not contain the kernel sources so I can get the machine online.

Do you have another way to get the system connected to the Internet temporarily? That’s would be the easiest to install the bundle with the headers.

@puneetse I really hoped for some magic swupd download-offline :frowning:
But luckily the android usb tethering works now. I installed the kernel module and loaded it after disabling the only-signed-modules-stuff.

EDIT: it seems it is redistributable but an out of tree kernel module.
what can I do to get this into an hardware-additional swupd module?

sharing internet from your phone through USB port. " USB tethering"

We tend to not add out-of-tree modules because they a) usually have a good reason they have not been upstreamed into the Linux kernel b) can go unmaintained very easily with tons for forks.