No Wi-Fi Adapter Found

Clear linux does not recognise WIFI Adapter

Name of controller: RTL8821CE

A General description can be find at: RTL8821CE - REALTEK

Apparently the device is supported by kernel versions [5.9 and newer] which means clear linux runs a kernel that support it.

Source: Hardware for Linux

So how Can I fix it? Help me out please :pray:t2: I really love Clear Linux it was love at first sight but I’d can not longer use it If can’t connect my computer to internet 🥲

Bonus question: Why can I use bluetooth but no WiFI? The single-chip controller is actually the same.


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It looks like we simply didn’t turn this new driver on when we moved to kernel 5.9.1. I’ll enable it now and it should show up in a few days.

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Thank you for your prompt response :slight_smile:

Can you please confirm if you could enable it?

In the mean time is there any solution I can apply to fix it?

Since I can’t connect my computer to internet to get system updates probably I might need reinstall the operative system with an ISO that includes the solution. Is a new ISO of Clear Linux going to be available to be download? When?

@alej4ndro91 in a few days he said.until then you can install a package provided by them(realtek) manually