Kernel Headers for Wifi for installation

Due to the network requirement of installation, I am unable to install clear linux. I do not have an ethernet port and my wifi requires kernel headers to compile. I have a usb dongle for wifi but it also requires compilation for it’s drivers. It would be really nice to be able to compile in these situations from the live iso so the installation procedure can continue. Is there anyway to install the kernel headers offline so I can build these network drivers?

Let’s say you are at 29810 release so the binary kernel is at

and the headers to compile others modules are at:

Also you need to add to the kernel boot parameter an extra flag.

Please read


Please let us know what dongle this is, and possibly which kernel module it needs. If it is open source and in the upstream kernel, we will enable it.

My USB dongle is a rtl8812au which utilizes the older rtlwifi driver. It is open source but isn’t in the upstream kernel. The new RTW88 driver which is supposed to drop in 5.2 will not be supporting my usb wifi dongle. :confused:

I am still having difficulty compiling it for the newer kernels. :frowning:

Thanks for all the help!!! I have finally completed the compilation of the rtl driver from the ISO and was able to install clear linux. I am definitely going to suggest making a package for the rtl driver as it has utility for pentesting. :smiley: