Downloading and installing Linux kernel headers


I know that this question has already been asked under one form or another, but I still does not find any satisfying answer for the problem I am facing.

I have (re)installed Clear Linux on my computer but unfortunately my Realtek 8723DE PCI WiFi card is not recognized, nor my bluetooth card. This is all the more strange as this card is supposed to be recognized by the kernel since a few years. Whatever.

So I need to compile the driver I’ve downloaded somewhere. Unfortunately, the linux kernel headers are missing, and of course I cannot download with the usual Clear Linux dev bundles. Where can I find the corresponding 6.4.7-1341.native kernel headers to download them manually ? (They do not seem to appear on



The kernel header files for 6.4.7-1341 can be found in the 39720 release folder, containing linux-dev-6.4.7-1341.x86_64.rpm.

Just my brief research shows that that WiFi chipset to be a thorn in the side of Linux over the years going back to 2018. Looks like it was OEM’ed quite a bit by HP in their laptops from that era.

“The device is supported by kernel versions 5.8 and newer according to the LKDDb:”

You can add the linux-dev bundle, or better, kernel-native-dkms, to get kernel headers for the current kernel version, but I don’t understand why you’re trying to use 6.4.7.