Swupd not updating to latest update

here is the output

Update started
Version on server (32700) is not newer than system version (32700)
Update complete - System already up-to-date at version 32700
gv@clr-b9342bb7aee3431aafd1c00c57e98801~ uname -r 5.5.13-924.native gv@clr-b9342bb7aee3431aafd1c00c57e98801~

I’ve tried swupd repair, different kernels, but no success.
Any suggestions.

Thank you.

I am a full CL noob, but if you check
this will show you the current “latest”…currently I see 32700 like you, so I guess we need to wait a little. Maybe someone that know better could give us some info why the current version is running behind…

32700 is the latest released version at this time. The output of swupd is correct as is the pointer @spacepig linked.

There could be versions that did not pass our QA or other release criteria so you may see a higher version on the CDN that didn’t make it out the door. Out of curiosity what were you comparing against that made you think your Clear Linux installation was not up-to-date?

Thanks for the replies. I’ve disabled autoupdate because I currently reside in an area with terrible Internet download bandwidth (1 meg or less is the norm). Consequently, I check against ‘https://cdn.download.clearlinux.org/update/’ to see the current available updates. I must limit the frequency of update downloads to the times of day that I get better throughput. Lately I’ve noticed that when trying to update that 32700 is the latest for me, but I see later updates on the list which caused me to think that I had done something to mess with the update feature.
Overall I’ve been using this fast OS as my daily desktop given that I triple boot on a older Macbook Pro with wifi working perfectly.
Keep up the great work here!

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Just a note: It seems like 32740 is ready for update

Good news. Thanks for the heads-up!