Swupd update duration

The swupd update duration is often too long

$ time sudo swupd update
Update started
Preparing to update from 36520 to 36570

Statistics for going from version 36520 to version 36570:

    changed bundles   : 368
    new bundles       : 0
    deleted bundles   : 0

    changed files     : 7144
    new files         : 60134
    deleted files     : 4453

Update successful - System updated from version 36520 to version 36570

real	38m27,300s
user	3m54,286s
sys	    0m24,804s

Is it normal that it takes half an hour?

Unfortunately, it really takes a lot of time.

Looks like a lot of packages got rebuilt for 36570, which isn’t usually the case, but would have triggered all the rebuilt packages to be downloaded and installed.