System-boot Menu cannot be enabled

Cannot enable system-boot Menu(kernel 5.5.6-914.native):

sudo clr-boot-manager set-timeout 10
sudo clr-boot-manager update

After reboot system-boot Menu is not enabled.

@dorileo can you take a look?

@Adrian_K after running clr-boot-manager set-timeout 10, what’s the content of /etc/kernel/timeout ? also what’s the content of /boot/loader/loader.conf?

cat /etc/kernel/timeout
cat /boot/loader/loader.conf
cat: /boot/loader/loader.conf: No such file or directory

@Adrian_K did you mount the /boot partition before running cat /boot/loader/loader.conf ? you can mount it with sudo systemctl start /boot

sudo cat /boot/loader/loader.conf
timeout 10
default Clear-linux-native-5.5.6-914

Interesting, clr-boot-manager is doing what it should, systemd-boot menu should be showing for 10 seconds. Can you please run sudo efibootmgr --verbose and send its output?


BootCurrent: 0001
Timeout: 1 seconds
BootOrder: 0001,0006,0002
Boot0001* Linux bootloader HD(1,GPT,7d3d0bab-499d-43cb-8b23-591091399c18,0x800,0x47000)/File(\EFI\ORG.CLEARLINUX\BOOTLOADERX64.EFI)
Boot0002* Hard Drive BBS(HD,0x0)…GO…NO…o.M.i.c.r.o.n..…A…>…Gd-.;.A…MQ…L. . . . . . . . .…BO
Boot0006* UEFI OS HD(1,GPT,7d3d0bab-499d-43cb-8b23-591091399c18,0x800,0x47000)/File(\EFI\BOOT\BOOTX64.EFI)…BO

Hi @Adrian_K can you run sudo lsblk -o PARTUUID,FSTYPE and send the output?


7d3d0bab-499d-43cb-8b23-591091399c18 vfat
cda752a9-0fe1-4dcf-83e5-0be76d94d143 swap
25e071e0-a994-4786-9e62-6316ef18fa74 crypto_LUKS

@ahkok based on the all data @Adrian_K provided cbm is doing all right, I’m wondering if systemd-boot might not be having some issues dealing with some corner case. Can you think of something?

Hi @dorileo,@ahkok,this problem has not always been.

I’m not sure what is going on here… perhaps adding console-mode 0 may help force the display? Maybe this is a graphics issue.

I add console-mode 0 in /boot/loader/loader.conf and reboot,nothing is changed.I tried with clr-boot-manager update too but this add disapear.

So,now is happens.after upgrade the new kernel not load and i cannot change the kernel.Now im in CL live.Now i try how to use chroot,maybe cann change to the old kernel.

and this is not kernel issue,i see the kernels but after setup the older kernel with CL live the isse is the same,no boot,nothing…i try now repair…but this all issues after upgrade is not more fun…

Fresh new install,after upgrade,the same issue