The video posted by official twitter account @clearlinux is not playable on Clear Linux

It’s been known for a while, and by many people, that Firefox is not able to play various types of multimedia on Clear Linux.

But this time is a bit different… The official twitter account posted a video and I’m not able to watch it…:joy:

It is because you need to install ffmpeg

We should check and see if we can’t upload videos instead using e.g. vp8/9. @biapalmeiro ?

Actually I’ve done this already, but I still cannot watch some videos.

I will try again, nevertheless.

I need to check. And, there is already an issue open for this. We are trying to find a solution.

Flatpak browsers :wink: [](

It turns out that I didn’t enable shared library the last time I built it.
And it’s working now. Thx

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