Topics for Next Clear Linux MeetUp

Bia and I are beginning to plan the Q3 mini summit and want your input.

  1. What topics do you want to know more about?
  2. What format do you want the information delivered (presentation, hands on, panel, demo, video, etc)
  3. If you can’t make it to Portland or the Bay area, would having the sessions streamed entice you to tune in?
  4. Anything else?


  1. Dual booting with Windows
  2. Internals / Troubleshooting

Format: 95 percent hands-on workshops with documentation published ahead of time.

Streaming: I’m about five miles from Hawthorn Farms so I’m not sure my opinion counts. :wink: TBH, I think you should do workshops in Chicago and DC, and probably Europe too - Ireland?


I agree with @znmeb on format – there are plenty of hands-on opportunities. Customizing/configuring/internals – take a typical workflow and set it up in Clear Linux!

I’d love to have a “packaging workshop” where we can sit down with stock Clear, grab a hello_world tarball, learn mixer and then figure out how to maintain my own stuff in line with clear’s updates, etc. Or how to repurpose existing RPMs of something, etc.

I’m not on the west coast but remote would be great, perhaps something like a live youtube/twitch stream where we are all in chat asking questions and following along, etc.