Meet us in Santa Clara - update: presentations available

Hi all,

As part of the series of Intel Clear Linux OS MeetUps started last week in Oregon, we will be in the Bay Area tomorrow. The aim of this initial MeetUp is to introduce you to the Clear Linux Project and help you learn how to better use the Clear Linux OS in your everyday job. Light refreshments and dinner provided.


What to Expect to Get Out of the Session

  1. Leave with an understanding of the value of the Clear Linux OS to the industry (performance, security, customization, and manageability)
  2. Learn how to use the Clear Linux OS as your main workstation and delivery software
  3. Receive a non-technical introduction to features and their benefits

Proposed agenda (subject to change)

3:00 Check in, refreshments, networking

3:30 Clear Linux Project Overview – Auke Kok
Auke will discuss Clear Linux OS at a high-level touching on the history of Clear Linux, the four primary pillars it was founded on and what it offers to community.

Bio: Auke’s focus areas are boot time and systemd, having worked extensively in the past to change the way that Linux boots and prove that the limits of the hardware are much higher than you think they are. Aside that Auke enjoys making the OS useful to everyone, in the hope that everyone gets what they need.

3:45 Clear Linux OS Architecture – Arzhan Kinzhalin

4:45 Demo 1: Fusion Edge Stack using Clear Linux OS – Beth Dean
Beth will demo Function as a Service (FaaS) on Clear Linux with the Azure Edge runtime, leveraging the Intel OpenVINO software stack to execute machine learning inference on video streams to detect objects.

Bio: Beth has been a software engineer at Intel for the past 14 years. She is currently working as a Technical Marketing Engineer in the Systems Software Products group, focusing on Clear Linux and Software Stacks. Fun fact: most of her immediate family have been seasonal workers at Yellowstone National Park, herself included.

5:15 Demo 2: swupd
How swupd changed the way he tests the libraries he’s developing. A simple demo on how swupd recovery capabilities let him be free to ruin (and recover) his system.

5:45 Dinner Break

6:15 Hands on workshop - Beth Dean
During this workshop, you will learn how to build packages for Clear Linux with autospec. Then you’ll create our own custom Clear Linux distribution with mixer.

8:15 Panel


It would be nice if you would come to the east coast.

Maybe in the future. :slight_smile: Good to know you are interested. Thanks! Would anything online be interesting?

I wish we can have online workshop where I can learn more technical things related to Clear Linux.

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You mean, aside from the IRC channel? :slight_smile:

I switched to Linux in January and I have lots to learn. So any learning opportunity is appreciated.

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I mean a webinar or similar

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@doct0rHu we will have a live stream on our twitter account @clearlinux

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Thanks to everyone who attended the Clear Linux* OS – An Introduction & Beyond MeetUp this past Wednesday in Santa Clara. It was a great evening that was both informative and engaging. If you weren’t able to attend or want to revisit the content, we’ve made the slides available in a few formats.


Clear Linux OS Introduction:

Clear Linux OS Architecture Overview:

Live Twitter Streams

Clear Linux Project Overview (two parts)

  1. (my apologies for the sideways filming. It was my first time and didn’t realise Twitter didn’t use normal landscape filming. - Kari)


Clear Linux OS Architecture

Demo 1: swupd (two parts)



Demo 2: Fusion Edge Stack using Clear Linux OS

Workshop slides to follow

Thank you!
@KLFredheim and @biapalmeiro

I wish that I could come, but it is a bit too long to travel from Sweden to America :sweat_smile:

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Live Twitter streams can be found here: Pt1 Pt2

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