Clear Linux on

Today I saw that Clear is covered on Forbes:

A few choice quotes:

Intel’s Clear Linux Project has been on my radar for months, mainly because of its sheer dominance over traditional Linux distributions – and often Windows – when it comes to performance.

Seemingly overnight, Intel’s Clear Linux became a distribution with an eye toward not just Cloud environments, machine learning applications, data science and power users, but the broader desktop user as well. The installer is approachable, features a live Gnome environment, and everything is contained within two tabs of options. If you’ve installed Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora or any other popular distro, you’ll feel quite comfortable here. It also happens to look great which doesn’t hurt.

There’s another clue that Intel is beginning to reach out to the everyday user: a community forum where it’s actively soliciting feedback. They’re asking important questions like what technology they should build to further improve the installation process, and strongly hinting their goal is “broader usage and adoption.”

This is neither a review nor an endorsement of Clear Linux at this stage, but it is an open invitation to be curious about it. To explore it. Maybe to even actively contribute to it. Especially as we edge closer to Intel’s assault on the dedicated GPU market. Will we see distinct advantages on Clear Linux OS and powerful Intel graphics cards with things like Machine Learning? Gaming? Stay tuned as I’ll be keeping an eager, watchful eye on this breakout distro and doing my best to expand my testing of it in the future.

Great to see the word spreading!


Yeah it is really cool! I am currently a Solus user but I will also keep an eye on Clear Linux and try to get it even better as a desktop OS, because it is really good and has a lot of potential.