Unable to read RAID0 partition during installation

I have a RAID0 disk array of 128+120GB on my computer.
I reserved 80GB of space for installing Clear linux. However, I found that the installer only provides disk selection and cannot customize the partition, which prevents me from installing Clear Linux. Even if it is installed safely, it will damage the original data. I need help

Use software raid instead of the (fake) BIOS raid, is my advice.

The translation needs improvement…

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Trying a Clear Linux for the first time.

For setting up a RAID 1 set of 2, 1TB SSD drives would you recommend mdadm or is there a clear Linux specific/better way?


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mdadm is pretty much the only way. I would not recommend LVM for this as it’s more involved.

The problem is that our installer doesn’t handle MD raid or LVM raid. You likely want to either (1) reserve a separate rootfs partition which is not on raid, or (2) do a manual install (swupd os-install). Both those options have pros and cons and you may run into other issues.

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Having a raid for the Clear Linux root is going to be a lot of manual work as we do not provide an initrd with the ability to mount the rootfs under mdadm at this time so you’d need to set that up yourself. If you are setting up for non-rootfs partitions any solution should be fine.