Mdadm RAID in Clear?


I am new to the Clear Linux community. I have played around with Debian / Ubuntu and CentOS for a few years on a personal server and now am interested in Clear Linux due to its reported performance and lightweight kernel.

My plan is to use Clear on a new server as a host OS, using KVM for VMs. This seems doable as kvm-host and kernel-kvm are both available bundles. However, I did not find mdadm. I generally prefer mdadm due to its stability and wide adoption among linux distributions. It’s also very well documented. I see that it is not an available bundle, so is it built in?

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@miguelinux do you know?

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mdadm is part of the storage-utils bundle and should just work without any further issues.

FYI you can find it through sudo swupd search mdadm.


Hi. I installed mdmadm and setup my raid, but the installer won’t allow it as a device. The command line installer complained that it didn’t recognize a “raid0” block device. Is there any possibility of installing Clear Linux on a raid device? Thanks!

This is probably not implemented at all. I would suggest installing to a normal partition and mounting the raid partitions later manually. Also, this would be best tracked as an enhancement request on the github page for the installer project.