Use Clear for a VM host

Just for the sake of completion. If someone like to use the Gnome Boxes Flatpak, you also need to install kvm-host and add your user to the kvm group like so:

$ sudo swupd bundle-add kvm-host
$ sudo usermod -a -G kvm `whoami`

You can type in your username directly if you don’t want to use whoami.

If you need USB redirection and file share, use the bundle (sudo swupd bundle-add gnome-boxes).

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Trying to install win 10 from installation dvd but VM doesn’t recognize operating system on dvd. But when I use a CL iso it does recognize linux. Does VM only work using iso or do I have to do more with KVM??

I would like to add that there is also cockpit, which has an interface for managing vms as well as docker containers.

sudo swupd bundle-add cockpit
sudo systemctl enable --now cockpit.socket


firefox localhost:9090

headless server:
navigate to http://my-servers-ip-or-fqdn:9090