Very simple question from new user: non-clearlinux packages


I’m very, painfully new to using clearlinux, and I need to use tidy html. Tidy html isn’t on clearlinux by default, so I used rpm2pcio to get the source files. I have them on my clearlinux system. Just to be completely clear, I’m talking about this tidy:

Upon doing this, I realized… I have no idea where to put these files to allow them to be used, as they don’t let tidy work by default. Am I overthinking this, and there’s just some “add to path” type of thing that needs to be done? Am I approaching this wrong/ is there a better way to get nonclearlinux packages on a clearlinux system?

Any help you can offer is greatly appreciated, I have tried google, and it seems that the answer is masked by more popular results, or the answer is obvious and under a different name that I’m not aware of.

Many thanks all,

Hi, you could check this post on this very forum on how to use other distro’s packages on Clear:

Thank you! I’ll update this comment if it works for me.