Vs code insider in clear linux

Tried using the packages for insiders for vs code but they are not supported when I try to install them

either do the instructions of a) or b) below.

  • a) use the web version of vscode insider

  • b)

  1. install the bundle package-utils
  2. download the vscode insiders rpm from the vscode website
  3. install it with rpm --install --nodeps

:point_right: if your fine with just vscode you could install it as follows: :point_left:

sudo swupd install flatpak
flatpak install com.visualstudio.code

I use this repo because tired to update vscode manually.

It will not update itself.

Here updates works, but you’re forced to play with paths for system Go, Ruby, Node, Rust etc 'cause flatpak apps ignore them.

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i don’t use that repo because i have a pathology against setting the needed environment variables to the needed values. lol.

great yeah updating it manually gives me headache too