What and when is autoupdate triggered?

swupd autoupdate

swupd check-update
Current OS version: 30000
Latest server version: 30040
There is a new OS version available: 30040

I have 30000 since a long time. No autoupdate.

What and when is autoupdate triggered?

The autosupdate is a systemd service and timer.

It is supposed to check every 45 minutes, with some randomization to avoid all clients connecting at once. You can see the implementation with systemctl cat swupd-update.timer and pair it up with the systemd.timer man page.

journalctl -u swupd-update.service should show if there’s something going wrong, as well as show you when checks for updates ran.

sudo systemctl status swupd-update.timer > inactive
sudo systemctl start swupd-update.timer > active
Jun 24 17:54:52 clr swupd[2489]: Update started.
Jun 24 17:54:52 clr swupd[2489]: Preparing to update from 30000 to 30040
Jun 24 17:54:59 clr swupd[2489]: Downloading packs (203.77 Mb) for:
Jun 24 17:54:59 clr

My suggestion: Check that prerequisites (as swupd-update.timer) for “swupd autoupdate” are given, so that “swupd autoupdate” tells me if something is wrong.

Thanks a lot.

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you can use

$ systemctl list-timers 
NEXT                         LEFT          LAST                         PASSED             UNIT                         ACTIVATES
Mon 2019-06-24 15:23:17 CDT  28min left    Mon 2019-06-24 13:56:25 CDT  58min ago          swupd-update.timer           swupd-update.service

To view the timers next and last operation.

I reported a bug on swupd for that: https://github.com/clearlinux/swupd-client/issues/968

Thanks for the report