What do you use clearlinux for? Your top 5 apps?

I use clearlinux just for my documents(wps office), youtube, facebook, play netflix videos.

My top 5 apps

  1. Google chrome
  2. Wps office
  3. VLC
  5. Viber
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An easier question for me would be

What don’t I use Clear Linux for?

Not much.

I use Clear Linux as a daily driver, so basically everything. I tried to come up with 5, but couldn’t, so I ended up with 5 categories (hope it counts):

  1. Browser

    • Google Chrome
  2. Text editor/IDE

    • Sublime Text

    • RStudio

    • Jupyter Notebook?

    • Spyder (currently has issues on CLx)

  3. Graphics/Imaging

    • Blender

    • GIMP

    • Inkscape

    • Darktable

    • FreeCAD

    • Scribus

  4. Media

    • VLC

    • Google Chrome

    • Mixbus (until I can successfully build Ardour+Jack)

  5. Misc

    • Foliate

    • Calibre

    • CopyQ

These apps I use daily (each gets launched at least twice a day); for business, work, and personal.

Honourable mentions: Tilix (recently started using it yesterday, coming from gnome-terminal! :sweat_smile:)


Clearlinux is the only OS installed on the main laptop, hence I use it for everything.

  1. Firefox,
  2. CLion,
  3. Evince (reader) (unfortunately, bundled version has been continuously segfaulting, so I switched to Flatpak),
  4. Spotify,
  5. Texmaker.

I switched from Ubuntu a few days ago because I read that Clear is optimized for Intel hardware. I use it as my main OS.
The applications that I use most of the time are: Firefox, Bitwig, Burp Suite, Chromium, Terminal and Sublime Text. That’s 6, but I didn’t want to leave anyone out :laughing:

  1. Emacs
  2. Alacritty
  3. Firefox
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  1. Firefox
  2. VSCodium
  3. Vim
  4. Spotify
  5. Telegram

Oh and there’s this new addition to the family called Microsoft Teams that I can’t wait to remove as soon as my semester is over.


Using for scientific computating (electronic structure calculations)

So I would say:


All bundles apart from number 3 but it wasn’t too hard to get installed and working.

  1. desktop-kde
  2. firefox
  3. VirtualBox
  4. vim
  5. blender
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I love this - please tell us more as to what exactly you’re doing and how this works out for you on CL!

I’m relatively new here but I’m using it as the main OS on my laptop. I expect to use it to code with a clear mindset. :stuck_out_tongue:

(current) Top 5

  • Firefox. Firefox-icon
  • VirtualBox. Apps-Virtualbox-icon
  • Minicom. terminal-icon
  • Gimp. The-Gimp-icon
  • Any text editor, really. Geany for now.geany-icon

Aside from the obvious (terminal) which I use more than anything else. [ just use standard gnome terminal with some git prompt and theme/font adjustments. I have installed tilix and many others and they are all great, but tbh I just grab the first terminal I can think of ctr+alt+t and forget I was gonna start trying new one. I’m also leaving out tons of CLI’s – Docker and git and vim (go to ide) included ]

Google Chrome
Jupyter Notebooks - Bash PHP Python & R kernels
Jet Brains - IntelliJ IDEA PhpStorm PyCharm GoLand


Thank you very much for your interest. My scientific research is about structural transformations in matter (molecules) and its interaction with electromagnetic radiation. I obtain these properties from quantum mechanical calculations. If you are interested in my research, the link for my profile in Google scholar is https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=3McvzF8AAAAJ&hl=pt-BR .

Recently I got this fellowship to buy a couple of servers and I decided to test ClearLinux (CL) since it seems to be a modern system for servers and provides recent versions of the gnu compilers and algebra libraries.

It is working really great. At first, took me a while to get used to the bundles, but swupd is a powerful tool. Also, the documentation for CL is really well written and useful.

I hope that in the next semester this servers are already full loaded and in the first semester of 2021 I will publish some results obtained from them.

I am planning to install CL in my desktop too and make it my main development system, but I still need to organize my backups before I do this, and I will need to have some time to compile some programs that can not be installed via swupd yet.

In general, it seems that every detail in CL was well thought. Even the “$” color at the bash prompt changes to red if there was an error. The dev team is doing a great job. I am loving it. Also, the community in the forum is very friendly.

Edit: I am also very curious how the intel compilers and math libraries will perform in CL.


I use clear linux for the following tasks:

  1. Browsing
  2. Email
  3. Watch video
  4. Document editing
  5. Social media
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conclusio: there is room for everyone: rfkspada-computing & lkmishra-computing.

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I run Clear Linux on an older HP Z820 workstation, which has dual Xeon processors. I used the desktop install, and don’t use remote management. The system is used exclusively for distributed computing of World Community Grid projects on the Boinc platform.

The workstation runs computations 24/7 on all 32 treads, hypertreading enabled. I’ve had to adjust the thermal management in the bios for the hotter/cooler weather, but using standard cooling hardware the thermals are very good.

I disabled the Clear Linux auto-update and I manually run the update every weekend so it doesn’t get too far behind.

I love Clear Linux in this application and I believe that I’m getting very good output from these older processors with very little customization to the OS.


why some people are using Google Chrome. Isn’t that a proprietary software?

I use google chrome to make sure all my browsing gets tracked so that when I get ads they are for things I actually want instead of being random and unhelpful. And so that I don’t have to fill out the form when I order pizza :grinning:

what is wrong with you? I didn’t ask that question to make fun.

Oh, my apologies. I didn’t mean to bother you. To answer your question some software are free-ish for personal use just not to distribute in binary form.