Why are no vulkan drivers installed by default on clear linux?

i recently installed clear linux on dell inspiron 3543 i5 5200u. but vulkan drivers arent working or installed? iam attaching vulkan info here

we do have vulkan drivers installed… but it looks like there’s a 32 bit/64 bit issue in vulkaninfo
will debug

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If i run any appimage or manually run a program via cli vulkan is not supported . but if i run a flatpak app it has vulkan. I dont know why its like this anyidea?

Flatpak uses its own libraries. Look for platform libraries: flatpak list

I want vulkan to work on non flathub apps. Vulkan is not installed or not being detected by them

have you debugged it? vulkan is not being detected by apps unless its a flatpak app which also uses older mesa

Release 38710 will have this fixed (once it passes QA)

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Thanks .will wait and test