Why there is No kernel-lts2019-dkms bundle?

I prefer LTS version for kernels and was using kernel-lts2019. But I have broadcom wifi so I had to use DKMS. But I could not find 2019 dkms bundle.

Is kernel-lts-dkms available?

Yes kernel-lts-dkms is availble but it contains lts2018 ( kernel 4.xx) and there is some bug that causes freeze for my cpu. kernel lts 2019 (kernel 5.4.x) work fine.

sudo swupd bundle-list --deps kernel-lts-dkms
Loading required manifests…

Bundles included by kernel-lts-dkms:

  • binutils
  • bison
  • c-basic
  • findutils
  • flex
  • glibc-locale
  • intltool
  • kernel-lts2018-dkms
  • lib-openssl
  • libstdcpp
  • linux-lts2018-dev
  • llvm
  • make
  • nasm
  • os-core
  • p11-kit
  • perl-basic

Total: 17

I think you should file a github issue and ask them why lts-dkms has lts2018 instead of lts2019…

Thanks for pointing out.
Looks like there already is an issue going on regarding same.
Link: GitHub Issue