Cannot build kernel module for the latest Linux kernel

I am trying to build a third-party kernel module, onload. I am on Clear Linux 29440 (kernel 5.0). Unfortunately, the build fails, and I believe the reason for failure is that the module only supports up to kernel 4.19 (the latest LTS version), per the module release notes.

What is the best way to deal with this situation? Possible options might include:

(1) Rollback to the latest OS version using the 4.19 kernel (Clear Linux 27180, I think) and turn off swupd autoupdates. Would this command work: swupd verify --fix --picky -m ? (

(2) Use the latest Clear Linux OS version, but force it to use the latest LTS kernel. Is this even possible?

The following seemed to do the trick:

swupd bundle-install kernel-lts
swupd bundle-install linux-lts2018-dev

Then, boot up with the older Kernel.

On CL you have the following kernels bundles to choose:

kernel-native currently 5.0.16
kernel-lts2018 currently 4.19.43
kernel-lts2017 currently 4.14.119

you can add them with sudo swupd bundle-add kernel-XXXX

and with

sudo clr-boot-manager lists-kernels

you can list the current kernels, and select the next one to boot with:

sudo clr-boot-manager set-kernel

Also you have a documentation here: