How to downgrade linux kernel on clearlinux

Is there a way to perform a kernel downgrade in clearlinux?

I’m testing for a specific regression and would love to boot the older kernel I had circa Saturday to double-check my source of regression (supposedly a micro-code update).

If you are lucky you could sudo clr-boot-manager list-kernels and find a previous kernel you can then set with clr-boot-manager. If not, you could try a swupd verify -m <clearlinux version> --fix and downgrade your clearlinux libraries and kernel to a version that has the kernel you want. It will downgrade your entire set of OS libraries though to that version of clear linux as if you installed that version. It can only go so far back due to format bumps but it sounds like you don’t want to go too far back.

You can read more about swupd here.

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