Won't start after last update

Hi yesterday (6 November)I upgraded my laptop (ideapad 330s-15arr) to the latest build with swupd update and after that it refuse to boot. Before that it was working perfect with luks encryption and the dkpm driver for WiFi and touchpad. Any idea what can be gone wrong and how can I fix it without reinstall everything?

Do you have the option of booting the previous kernel from the bootloader? Any useful output on the screen?

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Can you push and hold space while it is booting to interrupt the bootloader?
What is the version of the kernel it is trying to boot?
If you select any older kernel does it work?

I’m wondering if this GitHub report is related: https://github.com/clearlinux/distribution/issues/1459


Ok it worked, it was trying to boot 5.3.8-859, but with the older one 5.3.8-854 I have a perfect boot. And yes it seams related with the report you linked. I will add my configuration to that conversation. Thanks you a lot

Same problem with 5.3.10-867, 5.3.8-854 works correctly

Hi @Piero_Simonetto,
Could you please open a new issue on github and reference the old one? There’s obviously something we’re not catching here.

Could you also note if the 5.3.9 kernel that was working for the other person worked for you?

Not sure if it’s exactly the same problem as i have a Ryzen 1700, Radeon RX560 and Asus Prime M350-A MB. I too can boot without problem with , but and subsequent kernels (when i updated ) resulted in a black screen and reboot of the PC.

Ok here it is: https://github.com/clearlinux/distribution/issues/1487