Xanmod Kernel & Cachy CPU scheduler

How do I install Xanmod kernel & Cachy CPU scheduler on Clear Linux? I’m looking for better performance on clear Linux since Arch can beat out Clear Linux with Xanmod Kernel.

Build the kernel from source

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If Arch with Xanmod Kernel is what you need, then why not use it? Unless of course you just want to see if you can make CL “beat out” Arch+Xanmod just for fun. :man_shrugging:

Which is of course in and of itself I suppose a noble enough pursuit.

I want to what’s the maximum performance there is to get. Unfortunately there are few guides online to how to build xanmod from source. The ones available use dpkg & deb-pkg to install the kernel. So im stuck on that part.

Not true, Arch’s build script already tells you how to build it (without dpkg).

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i’ve reached the point where i’ve ran “make menuconfig” Now i just need to run these commands to finish.
“make -j* deb-pkg LOCALVERSION=-custom”
“sudo dpkg -i …/linux-headers*.deb …/linux-image*.deb”

Anyway other way to compile that doesn’t involve these commands since i don’t have dpkg? Thanks.

The link I posted doesn’t require dpkg.

sorry for the dumb question, but what do i do with it. I see the file. I see the configuration you can do within the file. But what exactly do I do with it?

Clone the source code, and run the commands manually in those functions.

How would you run the commands manually? Copy and paste into a .sh and run it?

If you cannot understand what’s going on, you’d better just use Arch.