Yoga X1 fingerprint reader/stylus


Just installed Clear Linux on 1st Gen Yoga X1 16GB, with 970 evo plus for the system drive, insane fast.

Fingerprint not available, is there anything in the works as far as that?

Stylus is not recognized although it still works as mouse, did not have a chance to test with any drawing software.

Some researching says that the hardware for your fingerprint reader is probably a Validity Sensors - USB 138a:0090, but you should doublecheck that yourself.

It looks like there isn’t good opensource support for that driver upstream so I doubt there is much extra we can do to support it until then. It looks like some folks have reverse-engineered it and patched libfprint to specifically support it.

Some links from my hunt you may be interested in:

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Thank you, guess it’s not a priority anyway.