Add more packadges

I would simply like to see more packages in the repos such as btop, doas, bswm, sxhkd, micro, jgmenu (not so important), plank, picom, feh and polybar I would also like to be able to use just fish instead of installing bash as well under the shells bundle and I can understand if you do not want to go through the effort of adding so many packadges for desktop users but atleast add micro, doas and btop as these packadges are fairly useful for servers

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Great list in my opinion and I share some of the same suggestions. From what I know about the forum they take request on github page.
Issues · clearlinux/distribution · GitHub

I have created a few issues on github about this papckadges in the repos see Add micro to repos · Issue #2518 · clearlinux/distribution · GitHub Add doas to repos · Issue #2517 · clearlinux/distribution · GitHub

and Add btop++ to repos · Issue #2516 · clearlinux/distribution · GitHub

dab has also added requests for other packages here Apoligies for haveing to use startpage anomyous veiw because the clear linux forums blocked me from using a normal link to that page.