Deepin Desktop Environment


It would be nice to have support for the deepin desktop environment ( in Clear Linux. I’ve used both Manjaro and Fedora 30 and it’s a really good experience.


It looks nice, but it’s usually time intensive to package desktops like these. If someone wants to try and package it, that would really help.

What is the best docs for people to follow to package and submit new packages?

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you have this one:

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Jono - we don’t have a good doc on how to package and submit new packages. It’s an issue that I’m poking on behind the scenes.

Package requests right now fall into one of the following categories -
a) For your own use, recommendation is to compile source and install on your own system
b) For your own use for multiple systems, use mixer to create your own distro for deployment in your own environment
c) If it’s useful for many Clear Linux users, ask on Github for it to be packaged as part of Clear Linux
d) If it’s widely useful, but will not be packaged by Clear Linux (e.g for licensing issues), put we need to put recommendations in place for 3rd party repos (@william.douglas)

It does make me wonder if it would be beneficial to have a desktop-support bundle of sorts. Whether it is a bundle of its own or more clearly laid out within the other desktop bundles to copy over for all the support files, dbus/udev rules that are needed for a desktop to run well, but only the libraries exist in the bundles.

Things like glib-bin and gdk-pixbuf are essential inclusions for GTK to function (on top of the other libs that are already pulled in) and once swupd supports a form of optional bundles, maximize the hardware support (NTFS, printing, bluetooth etc), that people could remove if the functionality isn’t required, rather than be missing and have to find the right bundles.

The thing I noticed after getting a number of packages added to desktop-kde was that the same bugs were already experienced and fixed in desktop-gnome. While at the time, it was the only desktop, now there’s several (with more to come) so sharing the core packages (and future fixes) could make life easier.

Generally we have tried to pull out dependency packages that are general into their bundle for other higher level bundles to include.

I agree that a desktop-support bundle would make sense, for the gnome stack this is something we try to do via the gnome-base-libs bundle. Generic desktop support isn’t something we’ve thought about yet though I don’t think (aside from x11-server and libX11client style bundles) but a desktop-support bundle especially with optional includes would make a great deal of sense to me.

We used to have os-utils-gui for this. I wouldn’t mind finding the common denominator and recreating this with a new bundle name. Gotta beware that we don’t make it too fragile, though.

I was at the workshop last night in Hillsboro and we covered the autospec and mixer workflows. With a little more documentation that could evolve into a contibutor-enabled capability. mixer is a tad resource-intensive, though.

I’ve been able to get the i3 desktop working with no hassles. I don’t know about the other ones; you have KDE, lxqt, xfce, enlightenment and awesome already but I haven’t tried them. i3 with lightdm is a must-have for me because gdm and gnome-shell take up too much RAM in my 8 GB laptop. Then again, so does Firefox. :wink: