Add Ubuntu theme to Clear Linux?

Is is possible to install the default theme from Ubuntu 20.04 on Clear Linux? Not 100% sure, but I think its called Yaru Dark.

If you can, please provide step by step instructions for a new user to follow.

This is, fortunately, not a hard thing to do, depending on your comfort level with the terminal.

There are some good instructions here:

They are:

  • Grab the .xz file from the Files tab of the link above, and extract it with Archive Manager
  • Copy the files to ~/.local/share/themes/ cp -r Yaru-dark ~/.local/share/themes/
  • Use Gnome Tweak Tool to select the new theme. If you don’t have Tweak Tool, install it.

Generally speaking, the way to get any theme installed under gnome is, loosely:

  1. Find the theme package and download it.
  2. Unzip the theme, and if it requires building, run the build script (usually: meson 'build')
  3. Copy the theme elements into place using either the provided script ( or, often sudo ninja -C "build" install)

Usually there are some command line switches that help to get things right – most theme packages will have a README that explains.

Good luck! Let me know if it doesn’t work and I’ll try to help.


I followed your instructions and it worked. Thank you for the help.

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You are welcome! Welcome to the high performance Linux world! Glad to have you.

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@Apollo18 @peteonrails in my opinion it is better to install themes into ~/.local/share/themes/, because Clear will remove them with swupd repair. Themes are a personal thing, so they belong to /home/<USER>, but this is a personal opinion.

That’s good advice. I’ve updated my answer with your suggestion.