Update Theme ClearLinux

Hello people,
I’ve been using ClearLinux for some time as my main development computer. I think that besides being light and organized it has a fantastic design. Today the design is silent and is like a standard gnome. Will this be definitive ??? I would like the old theme to be available.

Hugs !!!

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They got rid of the default themes with the latest Gnome update.

To get the old look back you would need to reinstall the Materia theme for GTK and Gnome Shell along with the Paper icon theme.

The old design was amazing right out of the box. Many thanks to the previous? design team.


How can we restore the previous theme ?

Follow the link of LX32…I also dont get why it has to be vanilla …the theme was great but maybe I’m underestimating the effort to put thos few scripts into the bundle

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Not full, but close to old view:

swupd bundle-add dev-utils
swupd bundle-add games-dev
( ~3GB download size of bunldles, ~34G size on disk )

cd ~
git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/nana-4/materia-theme
cd materia-theme
meson “build”
./install.sh --dest /home/ice/.themes

cd ~
git clone https://github.com/snwh/paper-icon-theme
cd paper-icon-theme/
meson “build” --prefix=/home/ice/.themes/
ninja -C “build” install

Application -> tweaks -> appearance -> applications: materia-dark-compact
Application -> tweaks -> appearance -> fonts: clear sans medium
Application -> tweaks -> appearance -> cursor: Paper
Application -> tweaks -> appearance -> icons: Paper