Application theme; icon theme gone and I don't know why

I switched to the material-dark-compact and papirus (or perhaps it was termed paper? It looks like papirus) themes right after installation because I liked the way they looked. But for some reason, they are gone! All my themes went back to default and there are only four themes (Application: Adwaita, Adwaita-dark, HighContrast, HighContrastInverse; Cursor: Adwaitia, Handhelds, Redglass, Whiteglass; Icons: Adwaita, Gnome, Hicolor, HighContrast) available for any of these things anymore, which had absolutely zero overlap with my selection.

(I noticed that the (turned-off, admittedly) dash-to-dock extension isn’t available in GNOME tweak anymore, so perhaps there was an update to the default installed desktop things recently?)

I tried:
1.Updating (it was already updated)
2. Rebooting (ya never know)
3. sudo swupd repair (Found a couple hundred things to repair, but it didn’t fix my specific problem)
4. Rebooting again.

I would appreciate it if someone could help me either diagnose and fix the problem or point me to how to install GTK, icon, GNOME shell, and cursor themes (all of the ones I selected were installed by default so I don’t know how to install such things, esp. on CL where the wisdom seems to be “use swupd, it is better than trying to install yourself and potentially screwing things up”)
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From github issue:

$ sudo swupd bundle-add desktop-assets-extras