How to install materia and paper icon theme (flatpak source)

android@clr~ $ flatpak search materia
Name Description Application ID Version Branch Remotes
Materia GTK theme Materia GTK theme org.gtk.Gtk3theme.Materia 3.22 flathub

both materia and paper icon theme can be obtained from flatpak instead of obtaining "~3GB download size of bunldles, ~34G size on disk" to get the theme.

> swupd bundle-add dev-utils
> swupd bundle-add games-dev
> ( ~3GB download size of bunldles, ~34G size on disk )
> cd ~
> git clone --depth 1
> cd materia-theme
> meson “build”
> ./ --dest /home/ice/.themes
> cd ~
> git clone [ ](
> cd paper-icon-theme/
> meson “build” --prefix=/home/ice/.themes/
> ninja -C “build” install
> Application -> tweaks -> appearance -> applications: materia-dark-compact
> Application -> tweaks -> appearance -> fonts: clear sans medium
> Application -> tweaks -> appearance -> cursor: Paper
> Application -> tweaks -> appearance -> icons: Paper

False statement. They are runtimes for flatpak packages, not packages for Clear Linux OS.

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ouch. frustrating then.

what are these?? @doct0rHu

As far as i understand, these are for Flatpak applications. So if you use Materia as your Gnome skin and you have those Flatpak installed, Flatpak applications will also be skinned with the Materia theme. If you don’t install them, Flatpak applications would use the default.

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any other method than to use 34 GB of disk space to just get the theme.

You could

  • download materia-gtk-theme_20190201.orig.tar.gz from the Debian source tree
  • unzip the package and run bash -d /home/<USER>/.local/share/themes (do mkdir /home/<USER>/.local/share/themes if the directory doesn’t exist)
  • install the Flatpak stuff for Flatpak applications

This should work similar with the Paper icons (/home/<USER>/.local/share/icons).

This will install the theme/icon files for the current user, which should be okay, because no one should run GUI applications with root. :grin:


did the same with my lovely plata-compact-theme “from scratch”. 90 min. download-time for some dev-bundles. i gave up [later edit: not given up].

at least, i had less headaches with wget -qO- | sh

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wget -qO- | sh

done for paper icon too

… and i figured out why i had problems with libmarco-dev (marco-devel) .
./ --disable-mate should solve this issue. another try with plata. i can’t concentrate on my personal work on vanilla : it’s simply “unaesthetic” & therefore “distracting”.

I’m affraid that this is only the beginning :slight_smile:

sounds “apocalyptic” ;).

The changes are in time ,only a theme missed and here is big drama.So,I’m optimistic :slight_smile:

well, don’t be afraid.

I’m not,thanks for your solution,
I suggest to use:

wget -qO- | DESTDIR="$HOME/.icons" sh

you’re right. /usr is managed by cl, except /usr/local . now the icon-theme is in /usr/share/icons/ . let’s move it, to be d’accord with the stateless design. --disable-mate did the trick (for plata). it was amazing to watch the show (build process). i see (“show your desktop”) you did some tweaks too. looks great. my result is on reddit: cl-unixp.

unfortunately the comments there have worsened again in the meantime (“pet-whatever”, et cetera). people always see only the worst, without the cognitive capacity to take a different perspective over time & “to compare”. there’s a lot to compare in the linux-world.

again, thx for the stateless-hint.

thanks,I did but not build,only install with script and would do this in “stateless-hint” .
maybe suggest you more things in CL to build and less post in reddit :slight_smile:

there was a meta-reason for the post: the post/title before. and reddit is a great source for information, as long as you stay out of discussions. of course i will do more things on/with cl, but i have a complicated job/project too & my limits. the limits must be set, otherwise a burnout awaits me (again).

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