Add VSCodium to CL

I know that vscode itself can not be added because it contains proprietary software. However I’d say adding VSCodium to swupd could be possible since it is a fork of the opensource vscode project. I’ve been using for a while and it works flawlessly and further more is something that IMHO all vscode users would “change” to.

VSCodium as stated by them is open source “These binaries are licensed under the MIT license. Telemetry is disabled.”. This information can be found both at and

The request has been filed before:

I rather like Visual Studio Code. I know it can’t be added to the system but it can be installed after system installation I guess. If you add VSCodium, I, and others who rather like VSC, would have to remove that first before installing VSC.

If you like VSC better you don’t have to unsinstall VSCodium if you don’t install it in the first place. What I ask is for it to come as a bundle just like vlc, inkscape and many others.

Nah, I use both side by side and they both work fine with no conflicts. I mostly use Code but I like to keep Codium onhand with similar settings just in case Microsoft renders Code unusable to me. I can always rollback Codium or even fork it if I need to. And from time to time useful extensions get built for one but not the other. I even symlinked my snippets directory so that I can use the same user snippets on both. Both are farely easy to keep up to date using rpm with no-deps or the latest tarball. Rpm may be the easiest to keep updated.