Anyone had success with nouveau off rendering?

Hello there,
Recently I’ve moved from Clear to Fedora for a single reason: Being able to run applications with my Nvidia GPU with the nouveau drivers. I did this for performance reasons on a project of mine, that said, Clear is undoubtedly faster when dealing with the CPU… So I asked myself, why not both?

Fedora with Nouveau + Prime working:

Clear Linux without Prime working:

I went on journey on:, and… I didn’t tried reinstalling nouveau, because it appeared to loaded with dmesg. I succesfully installed (on another laptop with NVidia GPU) Vgaswitcheroo, but that didn’t help since the Nvidia GPU isn’t even detected with xrandr --listproviders.

In Fedora such option works out of the box, my questions are: Has anyone had success in having a nouveau GPU offrendering? Does someone knows the step to achieving this on Clear? Are there plans to implement this as a core feature in Clear?

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UPDATE: I did a 180 and found a possible solution.

So, I really wanted to have CPU + GPU performance, so I tried to build my system from ground up with Arch and install the clear linux kernel through AUR.

After installing both xf86-video-nouveau and xf86-video-intel and compiling switcheroo-control (source is here:, aur didn’ t work), I was able to offload work to my dGPU with nouveau… but after compiling the clear linux kernel from source (yay wasn’ tvery helpful, but doing the traditional way with PKGBUILD worked fine), the option was gone and once again xrandr --listproviders showed only the intel card.

BUTTTTTTTT, I was able to find a solution thanks to the arch wiki! It is nescessary to early load the nouvau driver, this is done by adding nouveau to /etc/mkinitcpio.conf .

I was able to achieve what I was looking forward to, unfortunately not with Clear Linux, which is funny, because I’ m using systemd-boot on arch as well, it would be very helpful if Clear devs could add nouveau to their initcpio allowing users to offrender with nouveau.


I’m wondering whether adding nouveau to /etc/mkinitcpio.conf would work on CL.

CL doesn’t use mkinitcpio, but dracut, which is bundled in sysadmin-basic. provides some good guidances, and I wish you can easily use this to enable off-rendering on CL.

The clr-init repo is here: