Atom text editor

How do you start/use the atom text editor after

swupd bundle-add atom

where should the binary be located?

swupd search atom
Bundle with the best search result:
atom - Text and source code editor with plug-in support for Node.js and Git. (installed)

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Atom is located under development section of any freedesktop (Gnome KDE etc)

Can always call with terminal – atom
Because it’s located in /bin

Hm, no atom editor. Here is what I did:

$ sudo swupd bundle-add atom
Loading required manifests…
No packs need to be downloaded
Validate downloaded files

Starting download of remaining update content. This may take a while…

Installing files…

Calling post-update helper scripts
Successfully installed 1 bundle

$ ls /bin/atom*
ls: cannot access ‘/bin/atom*’: No such file or directory

Atom appears to have been deprecated as a native package. Looks like you can install it from flathub though:

Yes it’s removed recently.

But I won’t recommend the flatpak one for it cannot find see files outside of the sandbox correctly.

Yes, that’s what I saw in the bundle file as well.

It is unfortunate that deprecated packages are still searchable and downloadable.
Doesn’t make for a good end user experience.

Thank you all.

I guess this is something related to how swupd works. It caches the manifest of manifests (MoM) locally, and that may has outdated information.

Is there any solution to this?