AWS AMI - g5.xlarge

Just asking if there is a technical reason why the AWS Marketplace AMI for Clear Linux has been restricted so that it is not available for g5 series instances such as g5.xlarge, etc.

Is this just something that needs to be updated on the Marketplace product to include some of the newer instance types, or is there a driver/hardware/other reason why Clear Linux would not run on this family of instances.

Thanks for any help in advance!

It should be enabled for new instances, but our engineers are going to take a look at it and see what the hold up is.

Thank you for the prompt response!

I found some instructions for how to import a snapshot here: Unable to import clear-31440-aws.img to AWS or upload my own custom AMI · Issue #1428 · clearlinux/distribution · GitHub

I was able to follow these and make my own Clear Linux 39400 image, which can be used to launch a g5.xlarge instance. So it does run/boot.

Booting does not mean that it will run optimally though. I will use packer to build an image from this self imported AMI and see if I can make it work for my use case and report back here.