AWS AMI not available in AWS Hong Kong

So I tried to deploy a new CL AMI EC2 instance in Hong Kong, but when I do a search it’s not listed for some reason. Other regions work fine. Any ideas?

Other Asia Pacific regions are fine.

Did a bit of Googling and seems this has been an issue with some other AMI’s before. One suggestioon was to copy the AMI. Unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work either.

Also see HK is not an option trying to launch from Marketplace page.

Ok so tried creating an instance in another region. Copying the personal AMI to HK region. That worked… But yet still can’t launch it.

This is super frustrating… any help guys??

Here is a cross-link to the discussion on the mailing list about this:

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The issue has now been resolved and CL is available in HK :slight_smile: