Best way to list package versions and what provides?

Is there a way I can find out what rpm version I have installed (based on the running OS release)?

How can I do the equivalent of dnf provides in Clear?

I merged the two topics you created together since they are pretty similar.

You can search what bundle contains a file, similar to dnf provides with a swupd search. In particular these options are useful:

   -l, --library           Search paths where libraries are located for a match
   -b, --binary            Search paths where binaries are located for a match
   -s, --scope=[query type] 'b' or 'o' for first hit per (b)undle, or one hit total across the (o)s

For determining specific package versions, you can download and parse this file, replacing 29620 with the desired version:

You can also add a local repo for querying using dnf, repllacing 29620 with the desired version like this:

dnf config-manager --add-repo
dnf repoquery

You can then of course just use dnf repoquery --whatprovides directly.

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It would be great if swupd client could offer this functionality.

@pceiley the following shell commands shall work

sudo dnf config-manager --add-repo"$(cat /usr/share/clear/version)"/clear/x86_64/os/ --releasever "$(cat /usr/share/clear/version)"
sudo dnf repoquery
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These will do nicely. Thanks heaps @puneetse and @doct0rHu.

@otavio.pontes can you help us on this

This functionality has been in planning for a very long time. We intend to make a large SQL database with various search interfaces that can be queried for lots of very detailed information, such as licenses, commit IDs and origin of the files. This would be something swupd could then tap into (through a search interface) and people could develop alternative search functions themselves (using the search API we design).

We hope to … well… get to finally implementing it :slight_smile:

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Meanwhile … I just do

# swupd search --init
# swupd search --display-files > display-files.txt 2>&1

and search display-files.txt with vim. :wink: