Checking what each version consists of

Where do you go to check what the changes/updates are for each version?

The best place we have is e.g. here:

For every release we publish these. Just change the number in the URL to the number you want to see. Note, some numbers are for unreleased releases, so it may be that you need to fetch 2 or more of these files to see the changes from two version numbers. For example, if your system updated from 1000 to 1020, you’d need to read the RELEASENOTES file for 1010 and 1020.

If there is interest in RSS or some other format, please let us know.


It looks helpful:

easily track Clear Linux releases from your shell

  • running Clear Linux , with swupd’s auto-updates disabled ?
  • wanting to know what’s going on before updating or just curious ?
  • want to save time and avoid browsing the releases web page ?


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