Are ther changelogs we can look at for troubleshooting?

Some of us are running into things that used to work but stopped working. Case in point: QEMU/KVM stopped working after the last system update · Issue #784 · clearlinux/distribution · GitHub

I ran into this yesterday and thought it was a kernel module problem. Are there changelogs we can look at if we want to troubleshoot issues like this ourselves?

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There are release notes. But frankly they are painful to obtain at present.

  1. Navigate to the download location for the appropriate release eg Index of /releases/29560/clear/
  2. Locate and download relevant RELEASENOTES files

Additionally, clearlinux-pkgs · GitHub hosts the autospec repositories and SRPMS for the software packages in Clear Linux which is helpful to see what changed inside a particular package.

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I am pretty sure about a year ago the webserver config on download.c.o just let you read the RELEASENOTES file in your browser without having to download it. It’s a small issue that would really make day-to-day keeping track of changes much nicer!

Or as an alternative perhaps a category on here with an email ingest for releasenotes that is set to not bump on the front page, that would allow us to effectively subscribe to a changelog feed without noising up the rest of the forum.

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