Site updates/addressing issues

We are in the process of applying security upgrades to the website, as well as preparing for a documentation system overhaul, with improved organization and a refreshed theme.

We’ve received the reports of missing pages and images in the site and are working to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we continue to sort through these issues and improve the overall experience.

As always, feedback is welcome! If you have suggestions, feedback, or input for new content, please let us know by commenting here or logging an issue in the documentation repo .


Honestly, I don’t understand the difference between Guides and Tutorials on the main website. Every time I had to look for something, because of this ambiguity, I ended up searching for it on Google instead of going straight to the appropriate section.

I would suggest merging the two categories, unless obviously there is a difference I didn’t notice between them :sweat_smile:

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:slight_smile: I believe the team already has a plan in progress to do this very thing. @mvincerra may have more details.


Ciao @MattiaVerticchio. Grazie per aver chiesto la domanda.
This is a very common question. In general, we use Guides to show how to utilize the native features of Clear Linux OS. We use Tutorials to show specific use cases, or how to extend or modify native OS features to work with third-party tools.

We’re also currently discussing new ways to reorganize the content, so keep your eyes open in the coming months. I appreciate the question.

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What about adding links to the tutorial section of the forum?

The idea is that when a user is seeking for help, we provide them with official guides/tutorials that are maintained by Clear Linux documentation team.

And meanwhile we also lead them to the Clear Linux forum, where tutorials are hand-picked by editors and maintained by the community.

And if the user still cannot find a satisfying solution, he/she is at the very place where he/she can ask for help.


@biapalmeiro @mvincerra Hey!

Having a way to create/maintain re-directions of pages (or content) moved instead of just [re]moving them.

That would be really appreciated not only for time-proof web pages but also for other documentation (e.g: kata folks pointing to clearlinux’s documentation) (see kata-containers/runtime/issues/1846 for reference).

I’ve been hit once or twice about clicking results from google about clearlinux’s documentation that take me to 404 due to site page re-design/content moved. Avoiding this would be terrific! :tada:

It is being addressed by the webdesign team. They are aware of what is happening and are working on a solution.

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@mesiment. We’re already working on a plan to handle redirects in the future. Thanks for your patience as we work to resolve build issues on our website.

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Tables in documentations are not dispalyed correctly on my iPhone. I’m not sure whether this is due to browser, platform, or screen size.

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Any documentation? Can you share the URL please?

The screenshot is taken from this

And it also appears here

Thanks. We’ll check.

Another suggestion is about the Clear Linux* Store.

When you click the GET, a floating window pops up tells you how to install it in command line. But a more user-friendly approach is to download the corresponding .flatpakref file like the official flathub, this file can be opened by gnome-software directly.


Do you mind to open an issue in our github?

The hyperlink leads me to the documentation repository, but neither ‘new document’ nor ‘modify document’ sounds appropriate.

So shall I still open an issue on clearlinux-documentation or clearlinux-distribution?

clearlinux-documentation is fine.

Thank you so much.

This happens on Android as well. Has bugged me for some time but keep forgetting to log an issue about it.

I found that this is related to screen size. Changing the line height of the rows in the table would make the text readable.

It needs percentage % instead of pt, at least some inner margin.

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On the Available Bundles page

I suggest ANY bundles clearly colour marked red and noted, that have Status Deprecated and Pending-Delete.

Include what the intentions are for replacements, what to with these bundles currently installed etc. Only the Github pages show the status of bundles but no further information is provided as to why pending delete or deprecated and no information is provided as to when or why and what plans are in place to replace them.

This is particular concerning, building a LEMP stack on this OS. My server team is looking for MYSQL server bundle, cannot find it anywhere, he installs database-basic and configures. Today we read that this week the bundle will removed. Now we have very much a concern, when and auto swudp arrives later this week, is it going to delete the database-basic bundle and mess up our production server or will this bundle be automatically replace with something else leaving configuration in place and no disturb the system??

Each bundle on this page should also show version of sources and all included files for convenience reference, because non of this information is even provided on the link github page for the bundle.

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