move upcoming

Hi all,
We’re getting ready to move the website to github. Initially, this will be a cut and paste, so you may not see any changes apart from the URL initially, but hosting it at GitHub should allow us to update it (or at least prune the obsolete information) much more easily. will redirect to

Let us know if you see any broken links.


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Looks like we may lose the software catalog. :frowning:

Is it to cut costs? I didn’t get why this move.

Our existing CMS solution is going EOL, and we’re moving to another solution that gives us the ability to edit content more easily.

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W̶e̶e̶b̶l̶y̶ Drupal ?

We generally don’t talk about what infrastructure we use - hence my vague terms. But you could probably figure it out if you’re really motivated.

Got it. Dunno how github pages can help but if I could help. There is good CMS out there using jamstack which means, compatible with repositores or github pages. See Static Site Generators - Top Open Source SSGs | Jamstack there is for most programming languages

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Apologies for the breakages during the transition. Things are getting a bit more organized. You can now see the documentation at Clear Linux* Project Documentation — Documentation for Clear Linux* project and we have a snapshot version of the software catalog up and running which should get refreshed with new builds.


@pixelgeek Hi Chris

Do we have another source to download clear linux iso?
Because the webpage is currently broken 404 error

Thank you.


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If you want to follow along with the fun and games we’re having with the website rename, the PR is here Change site name by djklimes · Pull Request #1264 · clearlinux/clear-linux-documentation (

one thing I had noticed (not sure if it happend during this move or before) that google indexed documentation was broken, but if I remmeber it right that could have been fixed by removing the latest in the uri.
Now the problem had “fixed” itself by these links not being present anymore, but I have the feeling
that if I search for clear linux info in google I just get fewer hits anymore. So maybe indexing towards
github is limited in a way?