Clear Support Moving Forward?

Is this project active? Intel hasn’t really updated the main page in awhile and I’m curious if development is still moving forward with it.

I am wondering this too. I haven’t looked at clear linux in a while and was thinking about installing it again.

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My impression is it’s on life support and about to be cancelled by Intel. Or has been severely budget cut.

For example major packages (eg postgresql) are simply not updated anymore, and no-one responds.

The seems much less participation on the forums too. So yeah my advice would be not waste time on CL right now. Not trying to be negative, would just be nice to be open and upfront with the community about whats going on…

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Well that’s a shame, this was the most promising to happen to Linux in years!

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The project is somewhat less active.

This could be a (temporary) priority issue.

The position in the CPU market needs to be secured first.

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Ah… bummer. Went to install httpd on our server at work and started googling about it after it didn’t work. Like most things Clear, it takes complete configuration and doesn’t “just work” … so I’ll be going to the latest kubuntu. Mostly to test KDE on a server with a monitor at a desk no one uses.

It’s kinda like ripping off a bandaid since there are so many things I forget that I had set up until they quit working. :smirk::roll_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You should be able to just copy the configuration files to get it up and running.

Well, this forum is abandoned since community manager disappeared.

Track Clear Linux* Project · GitHub & clearlinux-pkgs · GitHub plus IRC channel on Libera and you’ll see a lot of activity.

For example the last issue: Update KDE Plasma to 5.22 (better wayland support, usability enhancements) · Issue #2373 · clearlinux/distribution · GitHub

Is she ok?

I guess so:

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Yes, we do miss Bia. :frowning:
The community forum has not been abandoned (quite), but I will agree we’ve given less attention to it than in the past. We do still have dedicated engineers working on Clear Linux, but they tend to be more active on IRC, Github and email mailing lists than in this forum.



Okay, so it is safe to move forward with installing it then. Cool! Thanks man!

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my VMs keep getting updates so I believe it’s still alive.

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Agree. It would be a shame. I am trying Clear Linux again after about a year away. Compared to a year ago, this forum seems pretty dead. I hope that doesn’t mean the OS itself is on its deathbed.

I’d say that as a desktop distro it is dead (or at least dead to me). One of the latest updates broke Chrome and Firefox (Ungoogled-Chromium seems to still work, but it doesn’t load extensions, which makes it difficult for me to use). That isn’t the sort of thing that most people can tolerate on a daily basis. I just reloaded my travel laptop to ClearLinux after having been off of it for a year or so because I wanted the extra performance on some marginal hardware. It was a mistake I regret. The latest Ubuntu builds are quite performant and don’t have any of the packaging, browser support, or other extremely annoying issues.

As a container base layer I think its fine, though the update process can produce very large images if you don’t do a 2 stage build.

Very very sad to admit that I’m living Clear Linux OS as General Purpose Distro in favor of Elementary OS 6 so User friendly, powerful and stable ( Ubuntu 20.04.1 and it still have python 2.7 to let me upgrading my programs to Python 3 )
( I’m still keeping CLR in version 34320 for fun )

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This is… a really dumb question. Is Clear fully open-source?

Could community members become package maintainers?

Or could community member’s clone the git and maintain packages on “New Clear” going forward? (Call it like… Translucent Linux or something?)

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You can get answer to most of the questions from About — Documentation for Clear Linux* project

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With all the worries in this thread I’d like to add that Clear’s support is working well, IMHO. For example the recent glibc/clone3 problem was handled fairly promptly, event though it mainly affected browsers – desktop usages.

Keep in mind that Clear isn’t intended for desktop and in particular, people who are relatively new to Linux. When things don’t work, a better way would be to find a solution and ask to see if the devs/community can help, or perhaps consider to switch distro.

Forking Clear for a community maintained version would be wonderful, but the amount of work the devs continue to pour into Clear is highly appreciated.


I mean a Sway + Plasma or Sway + Cinnamon feels like it would fit the bill as a “professional end user DE” for someone who would be using Clear to manage their endpoints and servers but then again I’m biased

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