Postgresql 13 - availability?

Anyone know if pgsql13 is currently being worked on and if there is a rough timeframe when it might become available in CL.


Been out a couple months since Pg13 was released. Any chance we will get to see this in an upcoming build or is it a “it will happen when it happens kinda thing”? :slight_smile:

Don’t mind waiting of course, just wondering if its on the radar, so we can plan accordingly.

You may have better luck on github with this. since Postgresql is commonly found on servers and cloud installations, they might go ahead and get it updated.

Yup. Thanks for the suggestion. I kind of thought though that packages in CL were intel optimized? Don’t mind waiting

No package on CL is Intel optimized. They are built with sensible configs that utilize the power of modern architecture. If it happens to be optimized, comparing to packages elsewhere, it’s optimized for all supported platform, including non-Intel ones.

Hmm, so does the lightening quick speed come only from a specialized kernel then?

A while back I noticed python 3.8 is much faster in CL, and I assumed it was there for an optimized package. Didn’t realize CL on uses stock compilations for packages from what you saying.

Nope. Kernel is one (important) factor. A few packages, eg R, are built with optimisation.