What plans do you have for the future?

First of all, I would like to thank all the developers and involved who are making efforts in creating this project.

But I want to get direct answers or a link to official statements about far and near plans.

How serious is Intel about this project?
Allocated enough resources for this?

Because we all understand that the number of human hours * qualification is really matters.

From the user side it’s completely not clear.

Is it just an in-corporate “playground” project of a group of pro-enthusiasts, who gave green light for attempts?

And if “yes” then users shouldn’t care about ~1y ago bugs like that No keyboard input at boot when at LUKS password entry where you just cannot decrypt partition (I ran to this bug too, just imagine, you installed the CL and the first boot makes the whole system completely dysfunctional, you get a brick), right?

Or does the project have serious intentions on top of Intel?
I’d like to believe that, “yes”, because I really liked the project, and I really liked CL, it fit in well between bloatwared/fatty or unreliable(custom-DIY) distors.

But I know how that happens in big corps. Maybe “no” at first, but “yes” a little later.

Thank you.