Greetings and salutations!

So I decided to make a topic, and say hello to everyone. Also, to make a post not sounding too grumpy like a lot of new people do, or seem to do.

Got everything up and running on the newest build, and even have Nvidia drivers working.

Things seem snappy, and just trying to iron out some kinks on my AI/ML stuff, and things seem good to go.

So, anyways will keep it short, and give a big hello to everyone. Will probably post a bug/issue I found shortly. Working on some other stuff at the moment.


Greetings @impossible_exchange !

Welcome to CL forum, @impossible_exchange :wink:

Welcome! Now that you got everything sorted out :slightly_smiling_face:, maybe you could give us, those less fortunate, a hand in reaching Nirvana … like, for example, did you manage to make any remote desktop work on CL (Wayland)? What remote desktop server are you running?

Bienvenue @impossible_exchange ! :penguin: :penguin: :penguin:

Wouldn’t say it was Nirvana. Was kind of a headache to get things up and working “properly”, but I would say it was no worse than doing a Gentoo build or something along those lines, maybe an old Arch install. Biggest problem was good ol Nvidia drivers, as I need them for CUDA.

Not using wayland , see also the Nvidia drivers.

Concerning remote desktop, not really fooled with that much , as I either just SSH in, or use an API to get into whatever I need to do, though I haven’t fooled with it much.

Sorry I am not much help to your concerns, but if you need weird work arounds to getting AI/ML stuff working I might be able to help there . =P

All the best.

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@impossible_exchange do you have any advice on installing ROCm on Clear Linux? I have an AMD Vega 64 on a MacPro5,1. Clear Linux runs really well in it but there is no official ROCm installer and the AMD proprietary driver.

It appears to be a challenging task.