Black Screens on mp4

I created a USB Clearlinux 4GB stick and booted it on my Desktop system that runs a Nvidia Geforce 1080. I have a lot of music and also videos on a second hard drive that I want to play. All music plays great but all attempts to play any mp4s fails with a black screen. I tried VLC which also fails. Going to the VLC site then, which instructs me to add the Flatpak app which I attempted to do and I get a “Not enough disk space”! REALLY?? Ok … reinstalled Clearlinux to an 8GB stick and try. Same message … “Not enough disc space”. I checked Gparted and I see plenty of free space. Video on the Internet plays fine. So … what next?

The live USB is limited in how it uses storage and isn’t intended for ongoing use. You should install to a disk (if you’re not ready to put Clear Linux on a SSD/HDD, you can use the installer to install to another USB to achieve the behavior you’re expecting).

The playback issues are due to missing codecs which we cannot distribute due to licensing reasons. Please search the forums on this issue and you’ll find many previous discussions and solutions from others.

I did search using differently worded combinations but I found no help. What seems kind of odd is that I can load Puppy 5.2 and video works fine. There must be some kind of package that would supply the codecs you would think? Otherwise I don’t see Clearlinux advancing beyond just a curios oddity.

Ok … did a full install on a clean hard drive and then the flat pak install per the VLC site. Video plays fine now and entire OS seems to be running smooth.