Blank Screen on boot: "nvidiafb: cannot request PCI regions"

Hi there,

I just created a fresh install of Clear Linux and after some troubleshooting, I tried fixing this by updating my BIOS and enabling Intel Virtualization, however since the first time I attempted to boot Clear Linux (including Live USB boots), the booting output has shown the line “nvidiafb: cannot request PCI regions”.

With the live installer, the OS fully boots after showing said line or output, and I am able to install the OS with no errors.

With the installed OS, the boot output displays said line and the system loads successfully on the first boot, but any subsequent boot shows the same output and leads to a blank screen with a blank terminal cursor.

On the blank screen, none of the TTY’s load, and I have seen this issue on both of my attempts to install clear linux.

On my first install, I can’t recall if I saw the nvidiafb line in the boot-sequence, however I do know that this issue began after I attempted to install the Nvidia drivers as per the Clear Linux documentation. Upon seeing the blank screen after a reboot, I tried to troubleshoot from the Live USB, but the USB now began showing the same error and went to a blank screen.

I loaded the USB with a different distro’s installer in order to wipe my drives, and the Clear Linux installer began to work again, although it now booted with the nvidiafb error included in its output. I proceeded to install Clear Linux for the second time.

The second installation also completed with no errors, and I booted into it with the nvidiafb error in its output, but it successfully entered the desktop. I loaded some basic packages like Spotify and Dev-Utils.

The second installation broke when I allowed the system to suspend (I clicked the pause button in the power menu out of curiosity). When the computer would not wake up from suspension, I attempted to reboot. I got the same boot-output this time, however I ended up with the same blank screen.

I apologize for the length of my problem description. I know this is a relatively young bistro, and I want to contribute by delineating any bugs or issues I face so that this bistro can mature as fast as possible. I am a huge fan of this project, and I can’t wait to settle into a more optimized linux environment.

If anyone has seen this issue or knows a way around it, I appreciate all help!

Some things to try troubleshooting:

  • If you have multiple monitors, try using just one.

  • If you have on-board graphics, try moving your monitor to it to see if the display is there or even try disabling the iGPU in BIOS/EFI. I’ve noticed a lot of weird switching between the two before the proprietary driver got installed. For example, the GNOME login would come up on the iGPU and after authenticating would switch to the discreet NVIDIA GPU :see_no_evil:.

  • Try blacklisting the nouveau driver at boot by adding adding module_blacklist=nouveau to the kernel command line.

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