Bundle request for CodeLite

Free and open source software: https://codelite.org/

Supports Linux but no Flatpak build.

Something else I’d like to request if possible. Studio One music production software. They are now developing for Linux but have only released a build in .deb. I don’t know how I would be able to get this to run on Clear.


You might want to post it on New Issue · clearlinux/distribution (github.com) where it will be seen by the developers and can be tracked. Forum participation by the developers is infrequent :wink:

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Linux - Getting Started – Knowledge Base | PreSonus indicates that they only support Ubuntu right now, and it seems to be very feature limited. I doubt the team would be willing to try and package it for Clear Linux, even if the source is made available with a compatible license.

Thanks for the response. I wouldn’t expect them to do Studio One tbh but that’s why it would be helpful if they had documentation on converting install files ourselves, even if it’s just experimental. Would increase user base and usability.

Too many people are going to find use cases outside of what the devs are willing to compile.