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Hello everyone I am a Linux lover and using Linux for couple of years as my daily driver and I used a lot of distros but I didn’t used a linux distro like Clear Linux as the idea of software is totally different from other distro…And also idea of updating it…I want to install this on my main machine but I am bit confused that “if it supports all the apps which are available on github for linux and what about its package manager…I used ubuntu and arch distros and also a lot of other distros…Is this thing has capability to use it as my main device for development, video/audio/image editing tasks,is it supports all the web software in its official repositories? because if I go to github and download each code and then compile it and do all the stuff is a bit time consuming as compared to sudo apt install ********** or pacman -Syu *******…”

Hello and welcome to the Clear Linux community

I’ve been on Clear for a couple of months now. Can’t say all the projects on GitHub will compile on Clear Linux. I’ve tried a few that haven’t and had to look for dependencies and still a few wouldn’t compile correct.

If you’re used to pacman and apt this isn’t them, and you’d get yourself frustrated quickly.

What Clear Linux has been for me is a very very fast and stable Linux system. Not very customizable at the moment as say Arch and Ubuntu are.

Still, it’s really fast, the available programs will fit 90% of use-cases. You’ll have to learn a new package manager and use flatpaks for gaps, and GitHub for remaining specialty gaps.

Where did you read this? Can you post the link?

In my experience every software written in C can be compiled and will behave as expected, if it’s correct configured.
Softwares written in Rust can Haskell almost always compile correctly.
Well, things written in Python and C++ gives me headaches because I had to modify the source code a couple of times. But that was all because of some dependency problems like something needs a deprecated or unmaintained package to build/run, but Clear Linux may not have those packages in repo.